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    dopefloats asked: My pet theory is that the loss of Hartman fucked Springfield up irrevocably because it forced all of showbiz onto Krusty and the Kangaroo courts onto Judge Snyder's less able shoulders. Anyway, what's your favorite color?

    I like green.

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    avenger-dave asked: Did you have that same moment of sadness during the Simpsons Movie when Tom Hanks did that cameo PSA and you realized that's where Troy McClure should have been?

    It was a bummer.

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    another-elle asked: Is there a trick to finding you at C2E2? I'll be there Saturday, and it would be cool to say hey.

    I’m not sure there’s a particular trick (I could wear a white corsage or something, I suppose), but here’s what I look like:

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    Anonymous asked: Thoughts on the boxing glove arrow? If it is eventually used on Arrow would you absolve the show of all its sins?

    I love it.

    Absolve of all its sins? No. But I’d enjoy it.

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    boozencomics asked: You may have answered this before, but are you a fan of 1990s X-Factor and Havok? Dude had a pretty great jacket.

    He did indeed.

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    moodykittens asked: What is the weird thing that your cat is doing these days?

    He spends a whole lot of his time in a cardboard box, and that’s pretty great.

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    adampknave asked: What is the best modern jacket style you think superheroes should wear? (Been too long since I've seen a good jacketting round here)

    This is a good jacket.

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    ironicpopculturereference asked: Mrs. Doubtfire 2!??

    If that smoking cartoon bird shows up, you know it’s just fanservice

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    burntwithchemicals asked: How long past the first issue would you recommend that people stick with a comic that didn't work for them at all but that all of their favorite reviewers loved? (I'm thinking about All-New Ultimates here.)

    If you don’t like it, drop it. You don’t have to like something because it’s critically acclaimed. Reading something out of a feeling of obligation is just going to make you hate it more.

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to have differing opinions and still get along.

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    moodykittens asked: Bed, Wed, Behead: Spider-Man, Grant Morrison, Matt Fraction

    Bed: Fraction. Maybe time would stop.

    Wed: Spider-Man. He’s my life love.

    Behead: Morrison. It’ll just grow back.



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