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    ellemariecollins said: Stella is such a great, underrated show! What's your favorite episode/gag? Do you have a favorite of the guys? (Also, I'm going to head off your more pretentious readers by acknowledging that yes, the uncensored short films are great too, but I get so sick of everybody being so quick to mention that they've seen and prefer those that nobody wants to discuss the also excellent TV series, which had to be funny with pulling out a plastic dong every five minutes.)

    I think the TV show is way better than those shorts are, honestly. It has to be more abstract and odd to make up for not having dildoes everywhere all the time. It forced them to be more creative, and that was great.

    My favorite one has to be the one where the guys get a paper route and get hassled by bullies, and then end up trying to win them over with a rap song about friendship. Showalter’s rap in that part is just the best (and he probably has my favorite character of the three).

    I also really love the one where they get an office job and decide that, since they already wear suits all the time, they should wear tuxedoes to work. 

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    moodykittens said: Who are some of your favorite animals in comics?




    Lying Cat

    That spider that bit Spider-Man

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    Anonymous said: Do WRA guests go through any kind of screening to verify that they'd perform well on a podcast? What would happen if you booked a great comics creator who turns out to be totally awkward in verbal conversation?

    There is no screening. Most people are just really good, and we try to make it as comfortable and easy a conversation as possible.

    We have had some tough ones, though.

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    Anonymous said: What do you think of David Cage's video games? They seem like they'd be up your alley in a "Let me watch this stupid garbage" kinda way.

    I have played exactly none of them. I have had short bursts of interest, followed by realizing I’m not actually interested enough to invest my time in them.

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    Anonymous said: Who is your favorite X-Man and wh- it's Nightcrawler, isn't it?

    I believe I have said so before. 

    Yes, it’s Nightcrawler.

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    dontsaystorytelling said: The Storybook episode of Space Ghost where that old man recaps two episodes (one of them being the Banjo episode) like they were kid stories is the best episode of anything right?

    It’s a good one. The live-action recreations are really fun.

    My favorite one with that old man, though, is the one where Space Ghost eats Moby, and then the old man wakes up and says, “I just had the most horrible dream! In space!”

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    Anonymous said: Can you rec any good Shocker stories? From what I've read in Superior Foes of Spider-Man, he seems pretty interesting.

    Superior Foes is probably the best you’re going to get with him. Up to now, he’s been a throwaway villain, more or less.

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    kingimpulse said: I've got into a lot of great comedies based on your recs on WRA. I just finished Silicon Valley and I'm gonna start Last Week Tonight soon. What are your all-time favourite TV comedies?

    Most of them you could guess. “The Simpsons,” “Seinfeld,” “Mr. Show,” “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.”

    One I’d definitely suggest seeking out is “Stella,” the one-season Comedy Central series starring Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain. It’s my sense of humor almost exactly, in that it’s both very silly and occasionally very dark. I love it to pieces.

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    thewovenweb said: Serious question: I know you probably hate back-door writing as a writer and a critic (I know I do myself as a person who dabbles on both of those things) but I am curious about what you would do with a third season of Arrow. So far, the show's been pretty good for me but I fully admit that there are some rather glaring flaws at the very core of the show that its still grappling with and I'd like to hear you talk about that.

    I’d take it full superhero.

    The second season did a lot to move it into that direction, but it’s still kind of clinging to this notion of being a serious drama, and that it has to have some kind of larger societal philosophy like the Nolan Batman movies did. The thing is, the society they’ve built for the show is 100 percent a silly, cartoon world. There are people who constantly carry homemade signs around any chance they get.

    So I’d play that up. Embrace the silliness. It doesn’t have to be Batman 66 or anything, but trying to still be dark and serious just doesn’t work.

    Also, I’d make Ollie less of a dick (though it’s kind of entertaining how much of a shithead he is, honestly).



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