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    kingimpulse said: I've got into a lot of great comedies based on your recs on WRA. I just finished Silicon Valley and I'm gonna start Last Week Tonight soon. What are your all-time favourite TV comedies?

    Most of them you could guess. “The Simpsons,” “Seinfeld,” “Mr. Show,” “Space Ghost Coast to Coast.”

    One I’d definitely suggest seeking out is “Stella,” the one-season Comedy Central series starring Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain. It’s my sense of humor almost exactly, in that it’s both very silly and occasionally very dark. I love it to pieces.

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    thewovenweb said: Serious question: I know you probably hate back-door writing as a writer and a critic (I know I do myself as a person who dabbles on both of those things) but I am curious about what you would do with a third season of Arrow. So far, the show's been pretty good for me but I fully admit that there are some rather glaring flaws at the very core of the show that its still grappling with and I'd like to hear you talk about that.

    I’d take it full superhero.

    The second season did a lot to move it into that direction, but it’s still kind of clinging to this notion of being a serious drama, and that it has to have some kind of larger societal philosophy like the Nolan Batman movies did. The thing is, the society they’ve built for the show is 100 percent a silly, cartoon world. There are people who constantly carry homemade signs around any chance they get.

    So I’d play that up. Embrace the silliness. It doesn’t have to be Batman 66 or anything, but trying to still be dark and serious just doesn’t work.

    Also, I’d make Ollie less of a dick (though it’s kind of entertaining how much of a shithead he is, honestly).

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    outriderc said: What are your thoughts on Spider-Man company-wide crossovers (like Spider-Island) or grand, epic stories tied to Spider-man (like Ends of the Earth or any of the "Spider-Man visits another universe" stories)? I've always thought they can be fun but can also sometimes seem too grandiose for the character.

    They can be great or they can be terrible. 

    I don’t really subscribe to the notion that certain stories are too big for certain characters or that others are too small for others. If the tone is right, then its fine. Spider-Man can be the center of a huge story, as long as he’s clearly overwhelmed and in over his head. I thought Spider-Island did that really well.

    It’s less about scale as it is the approach.

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    Anonymous said: What's your favorite and least favorite of Grant Morrison's Seven Soldier's series?

    My favorite was definitely The Manhattan Guardian.

    Least favorite was probably The Bulleteer. I don’t remember it being actively bad, but I don’t remember much about it either.

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    Anonymous said: What is an under-utilized superpower in comics?

    butt cannon

    a cannon that comes out of a butt

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    Anonymous said: Are you interested in Spider-Verse? To me it sorta seems like when the X-Men have a big ol' space adventure or Superman has to deal with clones, in that it's interesting but so not a fit for the character.

    How is Spider-Man meeting a bunch of other Spider-characters not in line with Spider-Man? That’s like, 100 percent classic Spider-Man.

    I’m actually quite interested, but the prospect of crazy amounts of tie-in stuff isn’t too appealing to me.

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    ironicpopculturereference said: Have you ever been outside the US?

    I went to the Bahamas once when I was a kid. That’s about it.

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    eventfatigue said: Not a question, really, just a thanks for all the great work on WRA and MovieFighters. Both are up there with Night Vale as my favorite podcasts.

    That’s so nice!

    We’re hoping to get Movie Fighters going again real soon.

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    thewovenweb said: How stoked are you about Gravity Falls Season 2 tho

    Super stoked!

    Is that an appropriate level of stoked

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    twentypercentcooler said: Do you think I need a runner for my bedroom floor? I've got a lot of empty space in there right now.

    Is it carpet or hardwood?

    Either way, no.

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