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    wolkin said: How are you liking your new living situation? Do you miss Chicago, other than losing out on continued opportunities to almost hang out with me?

    I do miss it (and almost hanging out with you). I miss the food, being able to walk right out my door and get virtually any food I want, people I met there, and just the feel of the place.

    There are lots of things I don’t miss, too, like how long it takes to get anywhere and how much everything costs. It’s a trade-off.

    And Asheville is super cool, so it wasn’t too bad of a transition. If anything, I wish I had more free time to enjoy it. That has been a problem in both places.

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    outriderc said: Any plans for more Copernicus Jones after the current arc wraps up?

    Short answer: Yes. I have another arc or two in my head, at least.

    But as far as a timeline for when that’s going to happen, that’s not quite so clear.

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    noticeofmeowery said: You mentioned on a previous WRA that You're Next was more suspense than horror. What's your criteria for a movie being suspense vs horror?

    I don’t think horror necessarily has to have a supernatural element to it as a strict rule or anything, but I think it needs to at least have those trappings, or the question of whether the killer is something more than human.

    If the killers are just human beings, and everyone knows that they’re regular people from the get-go (creepy masks or not), then that falls more into suspense for me.

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    Anonymous said: No not spam! Just sending anon love instead of anon hate. I like your podcasts and was spreading some positivity

    Well thank you then.

    (Is showered in horny goat weed)

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    Anonymous said: Have a good day and a better tomorrow! I hope you find $20 on the ground

    Is this some new kind of spam?

    Am I going to get a bunch of horny goat weed in the mail since I answered this?

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    thecaptivephantom said: How is stuff at work going?

    It’s still more hectic than I want it to be, but it does seem to be calming down.

    Thanks for asking.

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    eventfatigue said: You realize that describing DRACULA UNTOLD as "war Dracula that can turn himself into a fist of bats" makes the movie sound amazing instead of awful, right?

    Yeah. That part is actually pretty cool. The rest…well, you’ll find out.

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    How about some Tuesday questions?

    ♪It’s been a while♫

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